Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Brief Introduction to Hublot Watch

It still takes skill and integrity to become successful within the niche luxury watch market. One such brand that is showing all others how to achieve incredible year by year growth, in this already bloated sector, is Hublot Watch.
Hublot Watch as a brand existed as far back as 1980. However, Hublot Watch as we know it today isrelatively new to the high-end watch industry having been redesigned and re-introduced by the marketing, managerial and design genius Jean in 2003.
Jean is often regarded as the most persistent business personality within the high-end watch industry. He initiated his career with a degree in Business, at Audemars Piguet. He only worked 1 year there as Production Manager. He left there thinking that he could do better elsewhere, which is a true reflection of the man’s wisdom, mind, purpose and belief in his own possibilities.
In 1981 Jean-Claude together with Jacques Piguet, who was running the movement manufacturer Frederic Piguet then, purchased the rights over Blancpain. This long existed watchmaker went out of business in the 1970s because of the quartz depression. Biver rebuilt the reputation of Blancpain with the tag line . In 1992 he sold it for 60,000,000 CHF... It was bought only for 22,000 CHF!  After that ,Biver remained the CEO of Blancpain until 2003.
After the sale of Blancpain, Biver joined the board of directors at The Swatch Group. He was challenged with turning around Omega, who, it would surprise those who only know of Omega’s standing now, had become a Swiss national joke within the 1980s. Biver used his marketing experience and guile, including sponsorships and celebrity ambassadors, to triple Omega’s sales within the 10 years he was stationed with the brand. Biver left Omega in 2003.
Big Bang Tutti Frutti
Big Bang Tutti Frutti
Biver was briefly out of work until he got the position of CEO of Hublot Watch. Biver must have been confident in the brand from the start because he also served the Hublot Watch board 
No-one can deny the fact that since 2004, Biver has done an wonderful job printing the name Hublot Watch in the minds and conscious of the wealthy class.
With all these wonderful facts, there remains critics still. For example,Price ranged from £10000 to over £100000 with no in-house movements.
Inevitably, no one should ever doubted Hublot Watch. Watches are beautifully finished and incredibly detailed. They give the impression that love has been lavished upon every one of these Watch. Any product is only ever worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it. It seems Hublot will never be another flash-in-pan, this-years-must-have. The product is too strong and desirable for wealthy people. There is a great number of potential customers who are willing to pay the high price and eager to own one with dazzling diamonds.

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