Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why We Need to Buy Designer Bags

We now have no idea when bags were invented to hold things,and I do not want to test. After thousands of years of evolution, today price increases 30000 times, but are used to hold things.

It is not because the technical does satisfy the girls.You must know that girls are not looking for bags that can hold things.

We must bear in mind that"bags" and "designer handbags" refers two kinds of different things.

Man criticizes the leather prices, do not have the real meaning. It does not influence women. At this point, a woman is very clear-minded,they ignore what the man said, showing unprecedented assertive.

Woman finds men do not understand their dreaming bag, just like men believe women do not understand the car. If men understand the bag, he is definitely a GAY.

This bag buying guide, written for men, but also for women. Their interpretation, what they need and what make them satisfied about themselves.

"Designer handbags" is a major factor promoting the growth of women. First bought more than a status bag, then pack in a backpack process, trying to make themselves more a kind of mold, to match that package. Theoretically repeated several times through the process, everyone can become Chiang Kai-shek. Almost a thousand times or six hundred years.

Woman a society, we should buy brand buy a bag, do not hold "This bag is nice, it does not matter if not brand-name goods." Fantasy. Students visiting the stall until the goods, you have to be squandered stage point accord Mature age do things like fashion parties and seduce people to participate in her husband.

LV is a good choice, it is a total of only "three syllables," read the Asian people are drawn remember. Salvatore Ferragamo is no merit in this, too many people use abbreviations SF, such as Ferrari, three flower odor socks and Street Fighter, likely to cause unnecessary distress. So we can say that almost another, LV bag is the Mercedes, do not buy all embarrassed. Its price is very stable, not price, no discount, no OUTLET, or even yearly premium hikes. We do not try to be smart to calculate a CANVAS tarps worth a few million, to believe that the French must have unique technology, the density must not the same, and the focus is on the design. It is that a few colors, but every year post new product 'Want want to see how difficult this design, it seems no two, in fact, not the same.

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